Saturday, February 19, 2011

Place 4 and It's Hot

I have Bieber fever. That’s my reason on why I’m so hot at 7 in the morning. I’m wearing the same jacket that I wore when I could spit and it would turn to ice before it hits the ground.  The same jacket I want to put on the ground, but I’m afraid it might get dirty. I’m not stepping on squishy land. It’s firm. It feels like I’m transported 2 months in the future.
The grass is calm. I wonder what it looks like when it’s angry.  It’s been dead for the past couple of months. Now, without any indication, it has risen. I guess you can call it a zombie now minus the whole eating brains thing, like The Attack of The Killer Tomatoes.  Wait, this reminds me of a different movie: The Happening, a stupid movie about the environment killing humans by being airborne and making the humans killing themselves in grotesque ways.
I’m Mark Wahlberg. I figured it out. The plants had enough. They want to take control of the situation. Every year, acres upon acres of plants, trees, and land are taken away. Scientists must’ve figured it was going to happen; the earth is fighting back. I’m slowly getting overheated. 62 degrees during the Pittsburgh winter season is unheard of.  I want to lie on the grass, but I’m afraid what might happen to me. This could be a mirage. A mirage only happens when it’s really hot outside and the heat starts playing tricks with your mind. This could be a mirage during the winter time.
I snap out of it. It must be the fever talking.  I walk away from this place trying to make sense of the whole thing. I wave my hair and start singing baby, baby, baby, ohhhh…


  1. 1) lol to Bieber fever. How I hate him.

    2) Well done on constructing parallel entries about being freezing and overheating. Many times I've looked at my own jacket and thought, "I was shivering in you just a few days ago, and now you're making me sweat! What gives?!"

    3) M Night has certainly lost his touch, I'm sad to say. His delivery still works, but his ideas are kinda off...

    4) However, I like how you got a bit paranoid and related it to the world getting angry. It was kinda funny.

    I always love reading your blogs. They're so entertaining.

  2. Edit: Ok, I don't *hate* him, just the craze that's around him. :shudder:

  3. I love how you've given a whole new meaning to the concept of spring awakening.

    I can't thank you, though, for disturbing my awakening this morning by inserting that Bieber lyric into my head. It'll be circling my brain all day thanks to you, until I can go back to bed tonight and sleep it off. Grrrrr. :)

  4. Justin Beiber is now stuck in my head too. I love the creativity you bring to your blogs. You brought the grass to life. I am trying to still have hope in M Night, but his last few movies have let me down. Now, I have that creepy, old woman who slams her head through glass stuck in my head.

  5. Nicole: Justin Beiber is a great role model for kids. Would you rather listen to Brittany Spears or Miley Cyrus?

    Gina: Baby baby baby ohhh

    Erin: M Night is ok. I think he tries too hard to be creepy.