Saturday, November 13, 2010

Eggers Creative method.

Eggers had an unusual approach when he told the readers that he lost his parents. Instead of telling the audience directly, he inserted a play-like format in his story.  I find it acceptable if it doesn’t take away from the story. At first, it confused me. The story began at an open house when Dave escorted his brother to the school. We find the intentions of Dave, “I was looking to score.”
To me this is where the story was heading. I was pretty excited to read what will happen next. Then, we found out why he was actually there. His new found responsibilities of a guardian to his little brother due to the fact that his parents were lost. It was an interesting approach.
He breaks the story up. It makes it more entertaining to the reader, however was it necessary? I don’t know if it was. I believe the story was going to be just as enjoyable if the play-format wasn’t there. It does create insight on the mind of Dave. It’s not same bland, “Hey my parents are dead.”
When about to introduce to themselves to other parents he gets “ready for the script.” Like most first interactions it’s scripted. Once I reread the thing over again; I found it humorous that he wrote a play-like script of a scripted conversation they are used to having. This made me like the creative way of introducing his parent's death.
I would love to do something creative to be put in my memoir, but I know how unusual or distracting it can be. Unless I know it moves the story; it would be safe just not to do it. One of the worst things I can do is add something that doesn’t matter. Yeah, I might get some laughs, but that’s not the point of the story.

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