Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Discussing problems and protecting myself

I like how Karr interweaves the fiction and fact stories together. It's like playing the game two truths and one lie, however your not trying to pick out the truths. Karr uses novel technique to make it read like a fictional story. If you are someone that is worry about people judging you, Karr's style for Liar's' Club is a good book to look at.

Karr's way of protecting herself and her family is a good guidline for memoir writing. I'm writing It's important to ask people's permission before writing them in the story, especially if you are telling a story that is something personal about them. Morally, I find it wrong telling someone else's story without them knowing it. And even if they said yes, but had second doubts about it, I wouldn't let other people read it. Personally, I need to make sure everyone in my story is satisfied before letting people that I don't know read it.

Adding stories about other people's problems, I would follow Karr's guideline and change their names. Having them pick their names is a great idea. It let them have more of a say in the book.

I'm not that type of person who likes to talk about his/her problems. I don't have self-esteem issues, but I would say I'm a little insecure. I worry about what my friends think about me and I'm constantly trying to get the approval of loved ones. To most people, I'm the definition of the nice guy. The type of person that is easily forgotten, but is fun to have around once in awhile.  Watching movies on Friday nights, reading at a cafe on Saturday evenings, and running on Sunday mornings is a typical weekend for me. Most of my friends and family think they have me figure out. He doesn't like to party, hates the night life, worksout all the time, and keeps to himself.

The problems I do have aren't ones people expect me to have since a lot of the people don't know who I really am. It's not like I live a dual life, but I act differently around people who aren't my friends. I would say some people that I've met for only a couple of weeks know me better than some of my friends since high school. They don't know my standup comedy days, the late nights, the sex life etc. 
If I was writing a memoir, my friends and family wouldn't believe any of it. They would think I was writing a fictional story based on my life.

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